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Tongsheng kindergarten, Longhua District, Shenzhen

My garden is located in shenzhen longhua district 68 waves street lai house in shandong area. Park covers an area of 3500 square meters, construction area of 2716 square meters, outdoor activities, area of 1600 square meters.

Garden is in accordance with the provincial garden construction standard, form a complete set of function room facilities  complete function room, spacious outdoor venues toys  modern education facilities providing children with a comfortable learning environment.

In December 2016 was rated as the shenzhen city level kindergarten

In June 2017 was named shenzhen universality in kindergarten




Now has a new education concept, 

business can Force is strong, good 

ethics, with staff  relevant Professional,

 young  middle-aged teachers in early 

childhood experience Team.

There is a professional quality team
  • Education is the most high level of humanistic care

  • Improve the quality of education as the center, a comprehensive scientific management, according to the specific condition of every child, every family, the personalized teaching plan conform to the children  the circumstances

1. The purpose of kindergarten: with high sense of responsibility,

 to build children's sunshineThe starting line.

2. The education philosophy: happiness in the development, the environment education.

3. Training objectives: training love happy, healthy self-confidence, positive, sunshineBeautiful young


4. Teachers: rich sense of responsibility, love, patience, careful, vigor  vitalityThe teachers.

Tongsheng kindergartenLet children grow up and develop in an all-round way
Admission guidelinesEducation for children's health and happiness to achieve a happy life for children

Enrollment target

2 all school-age children age six  a half to one full year of life, the household registration no

Note: it has small classes, GSM, large

Entry Guide

1, parents carry the child to the nursery school admissions interview. 2, children in application form ( complete). 3, take children to the longhua district maternal  child health check-up,  infants "vaccination manual" to get the relevant community workstation validation, affix one's seal.

Longhua kindergarten configuration

Campus activitiesEducation for children's health and happiness to achieve a happy life for children
news informationEducation for children's health and happiness to achieve a happy life for children